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why visit Vanphuc silk village on Hanoi vacation?

Welcome to Hadong silk village
Located on the bank of Nhue river in Hadong district, Van Phuc silk village is 11km from Hanoi city centre. The village is the most famous silk producer in Vietnam with over 1000 year history. Its products were chosen to make uniforms for Vietnamese kings, queens, officals and the rich people. Its traditional sericulture, weaving and silk products has been passed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays, shoppers coming here will find wide range of nice dresses, ties, shirts... and other craftworks made of high quality silk. These products are being sold in many shops along the main streets. There are over 1200 households in the village and 50% of them producing silk products will create more than 2 million meter of silk per year. Travelers to the village will learn a fascinating tradition of silk farming and production.

Van Phuc silk village is Vietnamese leaders' favourite choice to arrange trips for foreign deligations to Hanoi and Trieu Van Mao family is their destination. His family is well-known for creating the most wonderful piece of silk since ancient time for tailoring the uniforms of the royal family in Vietnam

Saying silk, you will think of the tradition style. However, Silk is enjoying a fashion renaissance and many of its varieties can be made into a wide range of designs suitable for all facets of modern life. If you want to have a tailor-made clothes, this place is for you

Tipping for shopping in Hadong silk village
Good and bad are living together everywhere in the wolrd. There is no exception in this village. Some family want to make more money by selling cheap Chinese silk of low quality. Shoppers are advised more carefully shopping here. According to Mr. Mao - Chairman of silk board here says: " real Van Phuc silk is soft, cool and glossy. It can be washed in machine with washing power without damaging or losing its color. Its size is small form 0.9 to 1.1m.

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