What to see on your travel in Hanoi

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Best Museums to visit when travel in Hanoi

Ethnology Museum
Dedicated to educate young local generations on 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, this museum is very impressive for foreign visitors on Hanoi holiday as well.

Hoa Lo prison
Check-in at Hanoi Hilton hotel as the way local Hanoians said because it was the safetest place where there was no booming in 1972. This name was gived by American POWs to the prison. Built by the French in 1896, the prison used to keep Vietnamese political prisoners. There are some chilling displays such as nasty instruments of torture and prison cells.

National Fine Art museum
Great introduction to Vietnamese art from ancient to modern time including ancient ceramics, wood-carving works, 1000 year old silk paintings to modern lacquer paintings.

Best temples to see when travel Hanoi

Temple of Literature
Vietnam's 1st university, but now a temple with five charming courtyards. The oldest parts of this temple were built in 1070 and still serived from French booming. The fifth courtyard was flattened by French booming in 1947 and now rebuilt. See unique stone stelae where those passed the difficult exams would have their names carved here

Ngoc Son Temple
Walking around Hoan Kiem lake also known as The Restored Sword lake and getting involved with old ladies doing Taichi or Young ladies doing sunrise aerobics, you go over the Red bridge to enter Dao Ngoc island. Immerse yourself with the peace in Ngoc Son temple.

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Best show to see on Hanoi holiday

Water Puppet Show
It sounds something for your kids. We have to say no, it is something enchancing about the lighthearted culture. The daily life in the countryside and ancient tales are reperformed by the puppet. Many toursits are curious how the puppets can walk, play, dance... on the water. This kind of art seems related to the flood in Vietnam and was born in the north Vietnam since 10th century. The artists use long bamboo poles to extend the puppets from behind the screen and up through the surface of a pond.

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