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How to holiday Hanoi from the us, Canada

Many air carriers are operating from The us to Vietnam(Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) with both direct or transit in some airports in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bankok, Hongkong, South Korea and Japan. The flights to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh by Vietnam airline cost around 820USD to 1300 USD for round trip. The cost depends on which city in the US.

Unlike travelers from Aisa such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and The Philipines, the visitors from the US and Canada have different interests in their Hanoi holiday. Followings are some highlights for The American and Canadian tourists on Hanoi vacation

Some suggested Hanoi vacation for travelers from The US, Canada

6day holiday Hanoi
Day 1: Arriving in Hanoi city
Day 2: Visit Hoa Lo prison and Huu Tiep lake where B52 was shot down. Hoang Thanh where the head quarter of Vietnamese communists in Hanoi. Wander around bustling Old Quarter on a rishsaw - This is the most exciting part of your holiday Hanoi. Other sights like Van Mieu, Ngoc Son temples
Day 3: Join boat to explore the charm of Trangan comlex - Natural and Cultural Heritage Site voted by UNESCO
Day 4: Gain back the love from your sweet heart in stunning nature of 3000 amaxingly shaped rock islands in Ha Long bay
Day 5: Discover the waterlife in the floating villages and on the way back to Hanoi
Day 6: End your vacation Hanoi for the flight to the US

12day holiday vacation for visitors from the US
Day 1: Ha Noi arriving
Day 2: Explore the historical city with Army museum, Huu Tiep lake with parts of B52 shot down, Hoa Lo prison nicknamed Hanoi Hilton hotel by American POWs. Witness the real local life with the food tour in Hanoi Old Quarter.....
Day 3: Enjoy the journey through the Red River delta to fascinating limestone cliffs in Ha Long Bay
Day 4: Getting off the crowded to hidden charm of Ha Long bay and Bai Tu Long bay
Day 5: From the islands surrounded by green water to the lush mountains surrounded by terraced fields
Day 6: Easy trek up and down Cat Cat valley to the beautiful waterfall and some cottages of Black H'mong ethnic minority
Day 7:
Day 8:
Day 9:
Day 10:
Day 11:
Day 12:

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