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Hotlines in Saingon and Surroundings for Travelers

Hotline in Saigon - 08.38.387.200: Saigon city or Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest centre for economy and tourism in Vietnam. People from everywhere in Vietnam come here to live and work. It is easier to find jobs and make living here. So, there are more bad people here than other parts of Vietnam. You can see mobile phone robbery in Vietnamese news paper here: Mobile Phone Robbery in Saigon - saigon travel guide

So far there are many Vietnamese and tourists have things stolen or the robbery of camera, phone, gold necklace, hand bags. When you have things robbed on the way, you can phone the local government to get the paper to get insurance in your country. You hardly have your things back. If you are cheated with higher price by shoeshine boys, sellers in markets, restaurants, hotels, illegal taxi dirvers..., you can call the hotline: 08.38.387.200, 08.38.300.701,,

Hotline in Vung Tau - +84989217417: Vung Tau holds very beautiful beaches. And it is only 160 Km from Saigon - 3hours drive by road, 1hour 20 munite by high speed boat. You want to go to the beach. But you can not fly to Phu Quoc, Con Dao islands or go to the central or North Vietnam for beautiful beaches. Vung Tau is a very good choice. However, We got some bad news from cheating price for food and services here: Example - They said a hotpot price 100.000 VN Dong. They bring the hotpot with a place of prawn, fish... When paying, you have to pay more than 1.000.000 VN Dong. They said 100.000VN Dong is for the hot water in the pot only. You can see the Vietnamese news papper - Sport and Tourism department in Vung Tau: Cheating traps in Vung Tau.

Hotline in Phu Quoc island - Kien Giang province : +84918.083.518 - Vice Chairman of Phu Quoc island, +84.918.769.666 - Vice chairman of tourism departurement in Kien Gian province. Surely Phu Quoc island holds some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and Asia with really really wonderful resorts. Phu Quoc has become one of the most popular destinations for beach tours in Vietnam and Asia. We hope you will not have to use these phone number, but know better than nothing.

Saigon Travel Tips and Tricks

No need to worry while you are touring Saigon city. Just follow our travel tips for wonderful Saigon holiday

Illegal Taxi in Saigon: There are alot of illegal taxis in Saigon. The places where these illegal taxi drivers look for tourists are Ben Thank market, Post Office, Unification Palace. Our clients took one of these illegal taxis from Ben Thanh market to their hotel(which takes 5 minutes of walk from Ben Thanh market to Saigon Harmony hotel). However, the driver charged them 50 USD. Even, our tour guide took them to walk from the hotel to the market and they wanted to go back by themselves. The driver did not take them to the front of the hotel, but stop nearby.

What to do if you take illegal taxi in Saigon? First, do not be afraid of them. Ask the driver to take you to the front of your hotel and ask the reception to talk with him or ask the hotel to call the police. You can tell the driver you have no money here. It is in the hotel. Use your phone to take the photos of the car, car number and the driver. The illegal taxi driver will not dare to do anything harmful to you because he will go to prison.

Which taxi should you take in Saigon? Vinasun taxi and Mai Linh taxi. Please see the logo of the taxi group. The illegal taxi does not dare to copy the logo and put on their cars. The phone number will look nearly similar. Example: Vinasun taxi - 38 27 27 27. Illegal taxi - 38 46 27 27. This make you feel the same if do not pay closely attention saigon travel guide for taxi saigon travel guide for taxi