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One stone can kill 2 birds - That is Sapa tour Vietnam, full-filling your eyes with stunning scenery of terraced rice fields and mountains, satisfying your minds with exotic cultures of 7 ethnic groups in Sapa.

In the past, the only way to Sapa is by trains, but now more convenient to travel Sapa by car or bus smoothly on the free way. See the below videos to know why book Sapa Vietnam tours with Deluxe Vietnam Tour Company. Essential Sapa Travel Tips and Tricks - Everthing you need to know about Sapa tour Vietnam.

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  • See our clients said about their Sapa Vietnam tours with us

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Sapa tours from Hanoi reviews by our Australian travelers
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2day trip to Halong bay is too short. It should have been 3day trip. However, We had wonderful time on Victory Star cruise. Sapa is so beautiful, too. 2nights in Sapa were good for us. Sapa tours reviews as one of the best on our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Hoian is a lovely town and 1 more night there would be better. Mekong tour was excellent. You are right. Spend more time there than in Saigon. Ankor Wat is amazing. Your hotels, food, tour guides and buses are excellent. Overall, we had wonderful time.

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Sapa tour vietnam from hanoi

4day Sapa Tour Vietnam

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4day/3night Sapa tour Vietnam from Hanoi with perfect combination of Vietnam luxury travel service and stunning landscape. This Sapa tour package offers chances to experience the Kingdom of natural beauty - near 1000 year old terraced rice paddy. Probably, there is no other place in the world like this. Best eco tour sapa from Hanoi best buy Sapa tour package price

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6day Sapa Tour Vietnam from Hanoi

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Private 6days/5nights Vietnam Sapa tour package from Hanoi with 1 night Homestay offers chances to experience their daily life of ethnic people and incredibly stunning scenery. Mix yourself and beautiful nature into a unique glass of cocktail. 6day Sapa Tour package from Hanoi - Off Beaten Track

Amazing Halong Sapa Tours Vietnam

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7day/6night Halong bay Sapa tour package from Hanoi offers amazing expereince on the best nature and cultures - from amazing mountains in the sea to stunning mountains to sky: 7day Halong Sapa Tour package from Hanoi

Best 2day Sapa tour package from Hanoi

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Sapa tour review
  • 2 Days 1 Night Sapa tour package from Hanoi by private or shuttle bus
  • Lao Chai - Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai - Catcat
  • Exotic Culture - Amazing Nature
  • Amazing Sapa Tour 2 Days 1 Night
Sapa vietnam tours reviews

3day Sapa Vietnam Tours from Hanoi

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5day Sapa Tour Vietnam From Hanoi

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5day/4night private Sapa tour from Hanoi. So peaceful and beautiful that you can speak and listen to fascinating nature. Experience the social market where locals in colorful costumes come not only for buying but aslo for meeting friends, dating, eating. 5day Sapa tour from Hanoi best buy Sapa tour package price

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Private 5day tour Sapa from Hanoi with luscious landscapes of mountains and vibrant cultures of H'Mong, Dzao, Tay ethnic peoples will surprise you by trekking from one village to another. Join Sapa tours to enrich your travel experience on different world 5day Sapa Vietnam Tours from Hanoi

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  • 9 days/8 nights Top Vietnam tour package with 2 heritage sites of amazing Halong bay & Tamcoc and sutnning Sapa. Customize your package tours to Sapa with us.
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Contemplate or throw yourself into the colorful pictures of nature. Discover unique cultures 7 different ethnic groups. Bac Ha is a social market - not only for selling but also for meeting, dating and eating after a hard working week. 5day trip details: 6day Sapa Vietnam Tour

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How to travel to Sapa from Hanoi

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Our daily cars, vans, buses to Sapa with daily departure with join-in and private. Contact us by WhatsApp: +84984819645 for the best price of your transfer Hanoi to Sapa and Sapa to Hanoi. We also provide transfer in Sapa and around Sapa to the villages, Fansipan mountain, Dragon bridge and markerts.

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Sapa Travel Guide

Sapa tours Vietnam This is Why Explore Sapa Vietnam.

Sapa at glance
Located in Sapa district of Laocai province
Altitude of 1500 to 1650m higher than sea level
7 ethnic minority groups live here
350km from Hanoi
8hour overnight trains from Hanoi
5 - 6hours by car on New highway
Fame for fascinating mountainscape of terraced rice fields and exotic multi-cultures

Best Things to do and see in Sapa Vietnam
Sapa, nestled in the mountains of northern Vietnam, is known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant hill tribe cultures, and trekking opportunities. Here are some of the best things to do and see in Sapa:

Map of Sapa  Vietnam Sapa is in Laocai province - Northwest Vietnam.

1.Fansipan Mountain: Embark on a trek to the summit of Fansipan, the highest peak in Indochina. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Fansipan mountain - Sapa Vietnam Fansipan mountain by Cable car - Sapa Vietnam

2. Muong Hoa Valley: Take a trek through the picturesque Muong Hoa Valley, surrounded by terraced rice fields and ethnic minority villages. Interact with the local communities and learn about their way of life.

3. Cat Cat Village: Explore the traditional H'mong village of Cat Cat and immerse yourself in the local culture. Visit the waterfalls, learn about traditional handicrafts, and witness traditional dance performances. Cat Cat village is now run by a private company and it is made to be wonderful for Asian tourists for check-in and photos. However, it is not liked by Western tourists who want to see more natural and less crowded places.


Muong Hoa valley - Sapa Muong Hoa - Sapa

4. Bac Ha Market: If you're in Sapa over the weekend, visit the colorful Bac Ha Market. Experience the bustling atmosphere, browse local handicrafts, and sample traditional food and drinks.

5. Ham Rong Mountain: Hike up Ham Rong Mountain for panoramic views of Sapa town and the surrounding countryside. Explore the beautiful gardens and encounter local minority groups along the way.

6. Silver Waterfall: Visit the majestic Silver Waterfall, located about 12 kilometers from Sapa. Admire the cascading waterfall and lush greenery.

7. Ta Phin Village: Trek to Ta Phin Village and interact with the Red Dao and Black H'mong ethnic communities. Learn about their unique customs, traditional herbal baths, and handicrafts.

8. Love Waterfall: Visit the romantic Love Waterfall, surrounded by lush jungle and stunning natural scenery. Enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and take memorable photos.

8. Sapa Ethnic Market: Explore the vibrant ethnic markets in Sapa, such as Can Cau Market or Coc Ly Market. Witness the colorful displays of traditional clothing, handicrafts, and local produce.

9. Homestay Experience: Stay overnight in a traditional homestay with a local ethnic minority family. Immerse yourself in their daily life, try local cuisine, and participate in cultural activities.

Remember to check the weather conditions and plan accordingly. Some activities may require a guide or permit, so it's helpful to do some research or book in advance. Enjoy your time in Sapa!

From Laocai station, following the zigzag road along the steep, terraced hillsides of Hoang Lien Son mountain to the end is Sapa. It was a fomer French hill station, now famous for its colorful weekend market attended by minority groups from miles around. Sapa is the gateway to remoted villages scattered around the valleys in the shadow of Hoan Lien Son mountain. From Sapa, travelers can join many trekking tours to these isolated villages in the paths with inspiring scenery sometimes dotted with fascinating mosaic of ethnic minorities. Coming to Sa Pa, travelers will be satisfied with all kinds of tours from natural scenery tours, walking tours, ecological tours to hard trekking tours.

Top Places to visit on Sapa travel

Market tours from Sapa

Getting there from Laocai station

Dining and drinking

Things travelers should know on Sapa tours: Ethnic people here are very hospital. However, travellers should pay attention to the local rules explained by our tour guide to avoid taboo things. Each group has its own culture regulations. For example, do not sit with your back to the ancestral altars. Do not sit at the head of the drinking table. Do not drink the cups of wine on the worship food tray. Do not touch the heads of the local children because in their belief, the spirit stays on their heads. If you touch the child head, the spirit will go away and the child will get ill.

Ham Rong Flower Garden
The flower garden is located on Ham Rong Mountain. The only way to get there is to climb many steps with the start from Sapa market. This is the way up and also the way down. After 100 steps, you will reach the orchid garden. This section is very beautiful from the end of November to March with different kinds of orchid flowers. Just 5m from the garden is the platform where you can enjoy the best view of Fansipan mountain. Continue your walk, you will get to the garden of 12 earthly branches. Here, you have opportunities to take many beautiful photos of lush mountains dotted with so nice flowers of different kinds. Leaving the central garden for the path, you will see a gate leading to a stilt house where you can enjoy the traditional music show from different ethnic groups living in Sapa. The show is included in the entrance tickets. Following is the timetable for the show in Summer and Winter:

Summer time from Monday to Thursday:

Winter time from Monday to Thursday:

Friday to Sunday show for both Summer & Winter

tour sapa, see love market for the highlight of Sapa holiday

Sapa love market is the special cultural feature of the locals. The reason for the love market happen is probably because of arranged marriage. The local men or ladies are allowed to come to the love market to find their lovers when they are not happy with their wives or husbands. Men bring their favorite music instrument, perform and try to invite ladies to dance with him at the love market while looking for the lovers. After dancing happily together for a while, they would talk together. It may take one or a few market fairs for them to get closer. If they find to get on well together, they will meet again at the next fair and seperate from the crow. They will enjoy happy time and ... together. However, they are not allowed to meet and enjoy happy time when the market finish. The market only opens on Saturday night. Nowaday, visiting Sapa, you can not join the market because some of western tourists joined the market and some local babies have western appearance. We take with some of the locals about their love market: They said the market still opens but being kept away from tourists. Sometimes the local government arranges the love market and invite the locals to perform music and dance, so tourists on Sapa holidays can discover its special cultural feature, but it is not the real love market as it is.