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How to cross busy streets on Saigon - Hanoi

Help! Help! Help us to go to the other side, please. However, you may not meet someone to help you cross the bustling streets here.

There are about 3.5 millions of motobikes in Hanoi and 4 million motobikes in Saigon, making the streets so busy most of the time. In this case, what you should do. Most of you think running very fast from one side to the other. It may be ok for sometimes, but 90% you will get accidents by running.

Do worry! Our advice is walking slowly, slowly and you will get to the other side of the bustling streets. In Vietnam, motobike and car drivers do not stop even there are the lines for pedestrians. Therefore, if you are walking slowly, there is enough time for the drivers to react by going in front of you or at the back of you.

Do not worry. If you are worried, you can not cross the busy streets in most cities in Vietnam. You will get used to the way of driving here after 1day touring Hanoi.

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