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What are kinds of crime and dangers in Vietnam?

Crime against the person is not generally a problem in Vietnam. The penalties for harming a foreigner for local Vietnamese are very server. However, as anywhere else, it pays to take care, especially after dark.

Cyclos, that ubiquitous form of transport in Hanoi, Hue and Saigon should never be taken after dark. You should not take moto-bike taxi after dark, especially if you are a woman

Theft is unfortunately a bigger problem in Vietnam. Caution should be exercised in urban areas, as drive-by bags, phones or jewllery snatch and grabs are becoming increasingly common.

Prostitution is also a growing problem in major towns, and the proposals from the back of a motocylce should be studiously ignored, especialy if they offer you massage.

A final word of warning: do not carry proscribed drugs and narcotis into, out of or arround Vietnam. Narcotis smuggling is taken very seriously here and is punishable by death.

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