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Half Day Hanoi Street Food Tour

Our clients review: 9.5/10 Excellent
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Absolute Hanoi Taste - street food tour

Option 1: Hanoi Street Food Tour on Foot

street food tour

Our tour guide picks you up at your hotel in the 36 Streets in old quarter of Hanoi. Your food expert will give you an insight of the intricacies and traditions of Hanoi Street Food Tour - Vietnamese cooking art with details on ingredients and historical backgrounds of popular dishes in Hanoi and north Vietnam. Most interesting is to visit wet market - Hang Be. Here, it is so busy with shoppers buying what they need for day's meals such as all alive fish, frogs, fresh meats, fragrant herbs, fresh flowers....

Try seasonal fruits on the bustling streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. First stop at a local eatery. Here, see how the chef makes the famed dish - Banh Cuon in Hanoi with the explaination from your guide. Now, it is time to taste it. You can not find it on your own because it is run by a local lady in a small lane off the street.

street food tour food tour hanoi street food tour

After Banh Cuon, take a little walk in the atmospheric heart of the Old Quarter, where you can see local daily life. Here, try a very best dish called “Bun Cha”(fresh rice noodles with grilled pork and herbs), beef noodle soup(Pho Bo) and chicken noodle soup(Pho ga). It is amazing experience to try Vit Lon(baby duck). Take a small walk to fruit stalls for "Hoa Qua Dam” (fresh fruits served in a cup and smothered with crushed iced and condensed milk). Now, you have chances to taste special egg coffee which you will find it nowhere in the world. Join the food tour Hanoi with Deluxe Vietnam Tours to learn how to make egg coffee. Surely after the tour, you will make egg coffee by yourself at home. This will be special gift for friends' visits to your home - They will say Specal, Special...! If they often visit you for egg coffee, it is not our fault. If coffee is not your style, Hanoi draf beer awaits. After your Hanoi street food tour, you are free to explore the area. Our tour guide helps you with directions or take a taxi back to your hotel.

Departure time for best of Hanoi street food:

Hanoi Street Food Tour Price Book it here
Prices quoted in USD per person
Hanoi food tour Private 1Person Private 2/3Persons Join in group Child
Standard 40 30 25 70% of adult
Deluxe with 60 minite footmassage 55 50 40 70% of adult
3hour tour, pick up at hotel in the Old Quarter

Option 2: Half Day Hanoi Street Food Tour By Richsaw

street food tour

Our expert of Hanoi street food tour will meet at you at your hotel. Drive to Chaulong market or Hom market to learn, taste some of the ingredients used in the local Vietnamese cuisine and to see the buying - selling rituals of Vietnamese markets. Our Hanoi food tour expert will introduce you the ingredients for sale and assist you with purchasing items to take home.

The expert of Hanoi street food tour and you enjoy Vietnamese Cafe(coffee) or Trà(tea) in the local one of the many sidewalk cafes in the Old or historic French Quarter. Our food expert will introduce an overview of the Vietnamese food scene, particularly Hanoi food. Enjoy a grilled beef and rice noodle with fresh herbs, along with several other local snacks.

Lunch at one of Hanoi’s best Bun Chả Hanoi establishments. Situated down a narrow lane, you will sit on tiny stools at low plastic tables and enjoy traditional grilled pork and rice vermicelli noodles with fresh herbs and greens like true Hanoians. Very few foreign tourists could find this eatery so it is a very special treat. Back to your hotel

Hanoi Street Food Guide

Street-side eateries and stalls are available almost every street in Hanoi. Many of them sell the same dishes like Pho bo, Pho ga, bun cha, ban cuon, banh goi... Some are far from dilicious and voted by CNN, National Graphical, Inside business... to be top dishes of the world. The only thing you may feel not to be comfortable is sitting on a tiny plastic chair with your knees upto your chest. Hanoi cuisine is abundant with stir-fried noodles, spring rolls.... which are less liberal in the use of herbs and spices.

Pho - noodle soup The most famous export of Vietnam to the world cuisines is noodle soup with some differences of Chicken and beef. Leaving Vietnam without sampling Pho seems a big miss of your holiday in Vietnam. We highly recommend you to taste following noodle soups:

  • Pho Cuong(breef noodle soup) - 23 Hang Muoi street
  • Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su - 10 Ly QUoc Su street and 42 Hang Voi street
  • Pho Ga Mai Anh(chicken noodle soup) - 32 Le Van Huu street

What is Pho/ noodle soup & Why eat Pho/ noodle soup on Hanoi holidays - Everyone on Hanoi holiday talks about eating Pho - noodle soup which you can find on most of every street. However, where to taste the best noodle soup, how to decise to eat in this or that noodle soup shop. Finding out a good shop, but how to taste it like a local people for the best experience. Let see our local expert on Pho - noolde soup.

How to eat Pho – noodle soup like local people? Numerous gourmet writers have described the taste of Pho, noodle soup and the best ways to enjoy it. First, lightly stir the rice noodles. Then, drink a mouthful of the sweet broth. Purists view with disdain the contemporary practice of adding chilli sauce/fresh chili, vinegar/ lime and garlic. They insist the broth should satisfy its own taste.

Why taste Pho in Hanoi?
Pho is a soup orginal to our people and a delicious dish eaten in anytime of the day as in the morning, afternoon, evening or eaten as snacks. Pho Hanoi has an extraordinary taste arising from its broth and fresh rice noodles. Hanoi pho taste distinguish it from Pho – noodle soups served anywhere. This is the reason why you will see signs saying “Pho Ha Noi” in Ho Chi Minh city, Hue, Hoian, Nhatrang…., but their dishes do not include the condiments served in Hanoi.

I have a big passion for noodle soup, so wherever I happen to visit, I always try to find a Vietnamese restaurant for a bowl of Pho and compare it with Pho at home. I remember I was in Paris in 2003 and tried to come to the Thirteenth Arrondissement where is famous for Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. Some people said that their dishes are even more tasty than those in Vietnam. I went around for a while and decided to choose the most busy restaurant, thinking it would serve the best food. I ordered a bowl of noodle soup. I failed to bring my mouth the taste of Hanoi Pho even though my steaming bowl had all must ingredients like meat, hot pepper, lemon juice, aromatic herbs and cinnamon. The beef was kept in the freezer for a long time and it was rubbery, the rice noodles were a little bit thick, the aromatic leaves were large and green but had no flavor. The most important thing making their noodle soup worse is the flavor coming from the artifical succulence from the powdered seasoning. Hanoi noodle soup’s broth comes from the sweet of the bones, Sa Sung, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and Lang mint.

How to find a very best noodle soup shop on Hanoi holiday?
First look – It must be a very simple shop with simple furniture ( simple tables and plastic chairs or steel chairs). You can not expect a good bowl of noodle soup in a big restaurant or a hotel. Restaurants offering noodle soup as one among a myriad of other dishes often serve a poor quality dish. Choose the restaurants selling only noodle soups and choose the restaurant selling only one kind of Pho – chicken noodle soup or beef noodle soup, but not both. You will have chances to enjoy the very best taste of Pho.

Second look – Look into the pot used to stew the bones. The more bone there is, the better taste of the broth will be. The good pot for making broth is 1m tall and 2m round.

Further look at the pieces of meat hanging from racks in front of the chef. The steam beef must be cool and weigh about 3kg. The raw beef must be lean without any fat. The color of meat is not too dark or too light. It should look deep red and shiny at the cuts.

For chickens, not a big factory chicken. It must be a free range chicken under 2kg. The skin is bright yellow and the meat is dark pik and not fibrous and there is no fat beneath the skin. If you insist on free range chicken, you will experience its delicious juice as you chew.

Next, check if the chef prepare your bowl of Pho correctly or not. Rice noodles must be step into the boiling water to make them hot and soft before putting in the bowl. The bowl must be a pottery not a glass or plastic. It should not be too big or too small. If the bowl is too small, the broth will be cold very soon and there is not enough space for meat, herbs and spices. If the bowl is too big, you may lose your appetite before you finish. Enjoying noodle soup must use bamboo chopsticks. It is not slippery to catch the noodles.

How to eat Pho – noodle soup like local people?
Numerous gourmet writers have described the taste of Pho, noodle soup and the best ways to enjoy it. First, lightlt stir the rice noodles. Then, drinks a mouthful of the sweet broth. Purists view with disdain the contemporary practice of adding chilli sauce/fresh chili, vinegar/ lime and garlic. They insist the broth should satisfy its own taste.

Why do Vietnamese people like noodle soup? We like a lot of broth or soup because we live in a hot country. For our meals, there must be one kind of soup served with other food. Pho satisfies our need, but most importantly, Noodle soup appeals to our taste since it is skillfully cooked from rice, bones, meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. It is affordable and convenient to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, diner or a snack.

What have foreigners said about Pho – noodle soup? Kiyomi Tsujimoto, president of the Peace Boat Movement, reminisced his visit to Vietnam: “ pine for the taste of Pho” The Los Angeles Times with the headline: “Life, love and Pho” Chef Didier Corlou of Sofitel Metropoke Hanoi said: If you travel Vietnam without trying Pho, you have not really experienced Vietnamese cuisine. Pho is one of the reasobs I have still stayed in Vietnam for more than 14 years. Pho is what I said here is the popular soup found almost every street. I love Vietnamese noodle soup so much that I and a friend opened a shop called Le Pho – Pho, Vietnamese heritage.

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