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Option 1: Hanoi food tour by rishsaw

Pick up you at your hotel to visit the most beautiful temple in a charming lake - Ngoc Son temple. Here, you will see a special cocktail of religions: Confunism, Taoism and Vietnamese Tran St. Then, enjoy best Vietnamese coffee - egg coffee. If you are a tea lover, take some cups of tea at social place where locals meet and talk.

After that, explore the bustling Old Quarter of Hanoi by rishsaw. Here, you will see the real local life of Hanoians from buying, selling, eating, talking, laughing.... offering amazing feeling. Visit Temple of literature - the most remarkable one in Hanoi was built in 1070 AD and served as the 1st university in Vietnam since then upto 1919. Arrive at La Badiane, Hanoi - Restaurant. Enjoy your wonderful lunch with the set menu at La Badiane, Hanoi - Restaurant: Rating based on 472 reviews: hanoi food tour package

Hanoi French Menu 1:
Entrée - Starter
Rouleaux de printemps au crabe façon Badiane
Fresh crabmeat spring rolls Badiane style
Plat - Main
Bœuf sauté au poivre noir & à la coriandre
Pan-fried beef with black pepper & coriander
Banane caramélisée au lait de coco
Caramelized banana with coconut milk

Menu 2 for végétarien:
Entrée - Starter
Tartare de tomates au basilic
Tomato tartar with basil
Plat - Main
Carpaccio de betteraves façon mimosa, crème de curcuma
Beetroot Carpaccio “mimosa” style, turmeric cream
Mousse de fromage blanc aux fruits de la passion, jeune riz soufflé
Yoghurt mousse & crispy rice, passion fruit sauce

Menu 3 brasserie:
Tambourins d’aubergines grillées au fromage de chèvre, jambon de Parme & pesto balsamique
Grilled eggplants & goat cheese rolled in Parma ham, pesto & balsamic sauce
Plat - Main
Filet de bar meunière au paprika fumé, pommes vapeur
Sea bass “meunière” style in smoked paprika, steamed potatoes
Aumônière à la vanille, sauce au chocolat
French pancake with vanilla, chocolate sauce

After lunch, you take taxi back to your hotel on your own account

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Prices quoted in USD per person
Class 1 Person 2 - 3Persons 4 - 6 Persons 7 - 12 Persons Child
Menu 1 or 2 63 45 39 34 50% of adult
Menu 3 74 56 50 45 50% of adult
Transportation: Taxi, rishsaw. Motobike upon request

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