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Welcome to One pillar pagoda
The ancient Dien Hu pagoda( also known as the One Pillar pagoda) maybe one of the most unique architectural structures in the world. It was built on a single wood pillar, like a lotus flower rising up in the middle of a clear water pond.

One pillar pagoda was built in 1049 after the Queen gave birth to a son. This is because the King had only draughters and the power of the Ly dynasty was just passed down to son. He went to many pagodas to pray for a son. In one dream, he saw the Goddess of Mercy standing a lotus flower with a boy. She gave the boy to him and a year later a son was born by the Queen. To thank her, the pagoda in the shape of a lotus flower was built as you can see.

However, What you see now is not the orignal one. The orignal pagoda was distroyed by the French troops before they got out of Hanoi. This Pagoda was rebuilt in 1955 with the same design. The difference is the pillar. The orignal pillar was made of marble and the one you see now is made of concrete. Even it was rebuilt, it is still so attracted and one of favourit stops for travelers on Hanoi vacation.

Nearby there is a bodhi tree. It was extracted from the mother bodhi tree where the Buddha exercises his faith. The Indian president, Rajendra Prasad presented tree to Ho Chi Minh during a state visit to India in 1958. Back to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh planted it here by himself and he watered it many times.

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