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Travel to Hanoi, explore Dong Ky village

Dong Ky village is located in Dong Quang commune, Tien Son district in the province of Bac Ninh, just 25km from Hanoi city centre.

In the past, Dong Ky and Binh Da village in Hatay province were the most famous destination for traders before the New year because they made firecrackers for setting off at the New Year festival. No one know exactly when they started making firecrackers, but the legend has it that a man named Cuong Cuong encouraged his local people to fight Chinese army by a feast with burning firecrackers. Since then, local people in Dong Ky praised him as their tutelary genius.

Nowadays, for the safety reason, the government banned making firecrackers. However, local villagers in Dong Ky still hold a festival on the 4th day of the 1st lunar month to commemorate his victory. A special ritual of the festival used to be the setting off huge firecrackers and long string of small firecrackers. This traditional acivities have been no longer a part of the festival.

At present, on a visit to Dong Ky village, you will enjoy a nice kind of music coming from carving wooden funiture and art products. You will be amazed with the skillful craftmen including ladies and childs. Many children love the carving art since they are small and start learning this kind of art. Many local people here have also opened wooden funiture shops in Shanghai city in China to sell their products. The village is a favourite shopping desitnation for Chinese tourists, but also a nice stop of art discovery tour for Western tourists on their travel to Hanoi.

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