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Vietnam travel guide - Duong Lam ancient village

Welcome to Duong Lam - From Hanoi, drive along Thanglong highway, turn right at the end of the highway. Keep driving along the way to Sontay town. Before entering the town, you will see a big board on the left sight. Turn left and drive 4km to Mong Phu village, the center of Duong Lam

Located in Sontay disctrict, Duong Lam commune consits of 9 villages: Mong Phu, Dongsang, Hatan, Hungthinh, Cam Lam, Cam Thinh, Van Mieu, Phu Khang and Doai Giap villages. Mong Phu is the most ancient village keeping its traditional and ancient ways of life including 700 - 800 year old houses. Ben Ma archaeologiacal relics dates back to the new stone perior worshipping national heros. Other ancient relics include the communal house of Royal parents Phung Hung, Ngo Quyen's temple and mausoluemn, Tham Hoa Giang Van Minh temple, Mia pagoda.

Unlike Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoi An ancient town in commercial style, Duong Lam is an ancient village in agriculture style. Duong Lam's culture space composes works owned generally by the community such as communal house, pagoda, temples and rural landscapes in between of the lush mountain and delta. 1day trip to Duong Lam today, you can visit some most beautiful of the 300 ancient houses and exprience the real rural life. This trip would be one of the best on your Hanoi vacation package.

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