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Charming Hanoi by night
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Being voted as the second best city in Asia to be explored by tripadvisor, Hanoi is a favorite destination for both Asian, American and European travelers. The reasons are the safety, bewitching scenery... However, top of all that makes travelers return to Hanoi for their second holiday is the street life.

The peaceful life here makes local people to love outdoor activities. After work in your country, you would like to drive home immediately for relax. Unlike that, after work, Hanoians love walking around the city, eating local fresh snacks, drinking tea, coffee... and chatting with friends on the pavements. This is the way that helps local people to gain back the energy for the next working day. This is the reason to tour Hanoi by night for different experience.

The 1st stop to tour Hanoi by night is Water puppet show( unique culture of Hanoi since 10th century with puppet dancing beautifully on the surface of water). See the major faiths of different religons in Vietnam blended together in a unique cocktail in Ngoc Son temple. Take a nice walk around Hoan Kiem lake.

Enjoy local Hanoi street food by tasting Bun Cha - Grilled pork with noodle and so many kinds of fresh herbs. Holiday Hanoi without tasting local snacks on the pavements, you will miss the real local life - unique characters of Vietnamese culutre.

The afternoon snacks creels or small tables are usually appeared on the sidewalk around 15:30 or at most coners in the city. However, there are also certain streets for locals to try certain kinds of snacks. Take a nice walk to To Tich street(linked Hang Gai and Hang Quat streets together) to taste Hanoi fruit juice while immersing yourself with different kinds of smells, sounds and colors. It is also fun to chat with local people here. They come here not only for drinks but also for meeting friends or relatives.

After your thirst is satisfied, you continue to tour Hanoi Old Quarter with the busy street of Hang Gai for wonderful photos. Take a right turn at Hang Trong street, keep walking along Hang Trong street where you can see thousands of copied pictures from famous artists around the world. You also see them being copied by local students or no-professional artists. However, most of walkers reported these pictures are almost the same.

To the end of Hang Trong street, you take a right turn into Nha Tho street where you can see the old and charming catholic church built by the French in 1883. Take a seat on a small plastic chair for a cup of coffee or tea. Your feeling is the peaceful, happy life of the locals from school students to old men. Definitely, there is no sense of fear or unsafety. Then, keep on your Hanoi trip with a rishsaw tour around commercial old quarters and back to your hotel.

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Culture shock for us. Can not find this way of life in our country. Absolutely delicous food - We love Bun Vit - duck noolde soup. Big thanks...

Mr & Mrs. Downes - Sydney, Australia

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