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Countryside Tour Hanoi Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi - Ben Trong village - Van Lam village
Day 2: Village-walking or easy biking in village pathes to Trang An Natural Heritage Site

What to do on Countryside tour Hanoi: walk around different villages to discover rural life, visit different tradditional handicratf villages, visit local homes and talk with rural people, biking on the village roads and sitting on bamboo boat to explore Trangan Natural Heritage Site voted by UNESCO

Hanoi - Ben Trong village - Van Lam village

In The Morning, Visit Ben Trong Village
8:40am leave Hanoi bustling city to the southern suburb. Futher you travel from the city centre, more differences you will see from the peaceful countryside of Hanoi. On Arrival at Ben Trong village, you will walk around the Duong market to see the countryside life. After the rural market, deeply walk around the Ben Trong and Ben ngoai villages. Visit a family making tradditional votive products for the ancestors like making horses, boats, motor-bike, cars... All are made of paper. You will learn to make one of those things with the guide of the master. Visit another family and learn to cook daily Vietnamese food with the guide of the host. Your delicious lunch is what you cook.

In The Afternoon, drive to Van Lam Village
Say goodbye to the host and her family for the journey to Van Lam village. On arrival, you will check in at a homestay, mini hotel or 5star hotels located in the countryside. Free to enjoy the peaceful scenery around the hotel. Have dinner and overnight in Ninh Binh province.

Explore Van Lam village - Trangan UNESCO Site -Hanoi

In The Morning, Visit Van Lam Village
There are 2 options: walk around the village or bike on the countryside road from Van Lam village to Ham Ngan, Thau A... villages. Visit Bich Dong pagoda. Bich Dong consits of 3 different pagodas built from bottom to top of the mountain. While you are on the top of the mountain, you will enjoy the stunning countryside sceney of the peaceful village in the valley.

Then, from Bich Dong pagoda, you can bike to Trangan UNESCO Natural Site where you enjoy 2.5hours boat trip along the river running through 9 caves of the 9 mountains. If you are strong enough for 2 hour hiking up and down the mountain to Trinh temple. Back for lunch.

In The Afternoon, drive to back to Hanoi on the high way No1
Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful countryside views along high way No1 back to Hanoi. Back to your hotel aournd 4pm. End 2day Countryside Tour Hanoi with a big smile.

Hanoi countryside experience

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