Saigon - Hanoi tour guide for airport problems
How to get out of your correct gate and find your tour guide

Arrival Problems may happen at Noibai international airport - Hanoi

Get off the airplane or the transfer bus here. Go inside the building
Join the lines to get stamp on your pastpost
Police stamps on pastport Policeman 1 Policeman 2 Policeman 3
Get here to find baggages
There are 2 areas for baggage claims: A1 & A2
Can go from A1 to A2 because of no wall
Baggage claims
Baggage claims
If your baggage on A1, get out of the A1 gate. Your tour guide is waiting for you at the gate A1
If you get out of the A2 gate, you can not find your tour guide.
A1 lobby
Your tour guide is here
A2 lobby
You can walk from lobby A1 to A2 there is no wall. It is a big area

There have been many tourists on Hanoi holiday who can not find their tour guide at Noibai airport. The reason is that they came out of the wrong gate. This problem may come from the tourists themselves or from the airport authority.

The problem from the tourists: For example, they took their baggages from A2 baggage claim and walk from A2 area to A1 area to get out. They do not know that their tour guide already get the information that your baggage would arrive at A2. He or she will wait for you at A2 lobby. However, you get out of the A1 gate and get into A1 lobby. The result is that you can not find your tour guide.

The problem comes from the airport authority: The airport authority decides which lobby you will arrive and the baggage claim you will get your baggages. They will inform tour guides through a big screen. Sometimes, they do arrange yourflight for example TG 560 to arrive at the lobby A2. However, for some reasons, your flight comes a little later and the lobby A2 is so busy at that time or the baggage claim is broken. They will change your flight into lobby A1, but do not inform by speaker, so most of the tour guides do not know that. They still wait for you A2, but you arrive at A1

What should you do if cannot find your tour guide at airport

Many tourists who cound not find their tour guide after getting into the lobby take taxi to go to their hotel. Our advice is: One person stay at this lobby, one person walk to the other lobby to find your tour guide. It only takes 3minutes to walk from one lobby to the other one. Booking Vietnam holiday with us, you always get your tour guide's mobile phone and the hotline phone to contact. So far, all our tour guides come to airports at least 15miniutes ahead of your flight arrival.

This problem may happen at Noibai Domestic airport - Hanoi

The design of the domestic airport is the same as the international airport. The differences here are the names: A baggage claims ans B baggage claims, Lobby A and Lobby B.

Departure Problems may happen at Noibai airport - Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat airport - Saigon

Every airport in Vietnam includes domestic and international lobbies in the same place except Noibai and Tan Son Nhat airports. There are 2 seperate airports called International and Domestic airports in Noibai - Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat - Ho Chi Minh. Our tour guides will check where you are flying to and know which terminal you should come. If you go from the city to the airports by taxi, you should tell the taxi driver where you are going to fly and double check to make sure he knows which airport you need to do the check-in.

If you go to the wrong terminal, it is sometimes hard for you to go to the correct one. It is because it takes around 15minutes of walk and your baggage is heavy. It is very hard to walk under the hot sun or under the rain. It is also hard to take taxi because it is too close and they can not make benefit in a short distance. The taxi driver do not want to go. You may miss the flight if you come on time and this happens. The check-in counters will close the check-in 55minutes before the flight departure. We advise you to go from the city to the airport 3 hours before your flight. The reason is that the traffic jams may happen any times with around 3.5million moto-bikes in each city - Hanoi or Saigon. One time, our clients did not follow our advice. In the middle of the road, the traffic jam happened and luckily our tour guide could find 4 moto-bike drivers to transfer 3 clients to the airport. If it was a big groun, how could he manage this problem.