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Business License No: 0106937882
International Tour Operator License No: 01-788/2015/TCDL-GPLHQT

Want remarkable holidays with family and friends or mark important evens in your life such as honeymoon, wedding, engagement, family-reunion...? Deluxe Vietnam Tours gives you the solutions you need to make it come true.

Do not say much about ourselves, but let our customers say out everything they have experienced on their trips with us. Such easy to know by clicking the videos, visitting their blogs or picking up your phone to ring them.

Listen to what she said about their experience on Vietnam trip with us

Our mission

With a philosophy: Travel is not just about visiting and ticking off the sights on your travel map, but travel is about experiencing. Therefore, Deluxe Vietnam Tours provides a perfect combination of outdoor experience on stunning landscapes, culture, history, Vietnamese daily life.... and indoor luxury services. Our services and destinations are carefully checked every three month by our staff.

Most importantly, we hightly value your business and work for coming customers recommended by you - Our main target of marketings "Words of Mouths". This is our true success, fortune as one of the best-spoke Vietnam tour operators.

Futhermore, all our staff and professional tour guides who completed the universities of tourism and have the licences issued by Vietnam tourism departments will create wonderful Vietnam holidays for you.

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  • Please listen to what they said about their experience on Vietnam trip with us

Our history

After 8 year working as tour guides and tour leaders, we saw many tourists who were not very happy with their holidays to Vietnam and Indochina in some ways. This was caused by the salers' poor knowledge on our destinations. We made many reports, but the same problems still happened. We hate this.

That is why we decised to set up our own company in 2002 with huge passion: bring our beautiful country, unique culture & friendly people to the world. To do the right thing from the beginning. To creat remarkable holidays in our lovely destinations means bringing more tourists back, more jobs and more dollars to our people. Tony Ta and I (Hai Dang) have the same target of working: Your satisfaction, Our Passion. Meet our team here.

Yours sincerely, Deluxe Vietnam Tours Hanoi office

Co-founder of Deluxe Vietnam Tours
Address: Hanoi head office: Suite 208, So 4 Day K - Cong An Da Sy - Hadong, Hanoi
Local Tripadvisor 24/7: +84 984819645
Email: info@deluxevietnamtours.com

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Company Profile

Deluxe Vietnam Tour Operator
Dang Hai - Founder/Managing Director
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Operator
Bich Hoa - Director of Sales
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Operators
Xuyen Ta - Travel Expert
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Company
Dat Nguyen - Product Manager
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Operators
Dang Huyen - Travel Expert
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Operator
Anh Ta - Travel Expert
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Company
Hoai Nam - Travel Expert
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Company
Thai Ta - Leader of Tour Guide Team
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Operator
Bich Hien - Chief Accountant
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Operators
Binh Do - Operation Team Leader
Deluxe Vietnam Tour Company
Thanh Ha - Marketing Team Leader

Deluxe Vietnam Tours Hanoi office Deluxe Vietnam Tours 2018 - Our staff & their children

Company - English Name: Deluxe Vietnam Tours Co,. Ltd
Company - Vietnamese Name: Công Ty TNHH Tua Sang Trọng Việt Nam
Business License No: 0106937882 issued by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department
International Tour Operator License No: 01-788/2015/TCDL-GPLHQT
Tax Registration Number: 0106937882

Below is our fully renewed international tour operator license by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism with the deposit of 250000000VND at the goverment bank account 19901000001919 to guarantee financial security.

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Clients Conner

Reviews from South Dakota State University
From: Michael - Michael.Gonda@sdstate.edu
To: Thai - deluxevietnamtours@gmail.com

Thanks Thai!

It is an experience of a lifetime for our students. You truely made our Cambodia Vietnam trip special! with study target, you helped our students learn the real Vietnam and Cambodia. We are looking forward to sending more study trips to you in near future.
Thank you

Best wishes

Michael G. Gonda, Ph.D.
Department of Animal Science
South Dakota State University
Box 2170
Brookings, SD, 57007
605-688-5442 (office); 605-688-6546 (lab)
http://2015vietnam.blogspot.com/ Click this link to see their daily dairy of their Vietnam trip

Reviews from South Dakota Agricultural and Rural Leadership
From: Dan Gee - dan.gee@sdstate.edu
To: Tony - deluxevietnamtours@gmail.com

Hi Thai,

Big Thanks for arranging such a wonderful trip in Vietnam for us. The Vietnamese food we had was great. Our Hotels was wonderful. Our guide, Thai is fantastic. Everything went smoothly.

Best wishes

Dan Gee
Executive Director
Box 2170 South Dakota State University Brookings, SD 57007
http://sdarl.blogspot.com/vietnam-trip Click this link to see their daily dairy of their Vietnam trip

Vietnam tours reviews from Norwegian, Australian... travellers

From: John Fish [ajmfish@gmail.com]
To: Thai Ta [thaidang10@yahoo.com]; [info@deluxevietnamtours.com]
Subject: John and Maureen Fish Australian Farmers Tour June 2013
Sent: Fri, Jul 5, 2013 8:15:07 PM

Dear Thai,

Thank you for your excellent guidance through your lovely country Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Our son Adrian arrives today in Da nang with his family. I have taken the liberty of giving him your name and contact details.

Our phone number in Australia is
Phone +61 (0) 353608226
Mobile 0406721727

All the very best to you and your family
John and Maureen Fish

vietnam trips vietnam tours vietnam trip

Add: 62A Alexandra Ave, Rose Park, South Australia 5067
Phone: +61 418 816 638
Email: m.mpinyon@bigpond.com

See more reviews from our clients here

Vietnam travel reviews from LEAD Maryland Foundation

vietnam tour package reviews

Hi Tony,
Thank you for customising for a wonderful trip to Vietnam. We highly recommend your company to our friends and colleagues in LEAD Maryland Foundation to contact you for their Vietnam trips. You can see some of our photos on our best trip to Vietnam at our organization facebook page here: http://facebook/lead-maryland-foundation/vietnam-trip


Some of our clients connected with us on facebook

You can chat with our clients on facebook and ask them how satisfied they were on Vietnam trips with us.

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2. facebook.com/erin.christenson From The US
2. facebook.com/mei.ling From Malaysia
3. facebook.com/frances-lim From Malaysia
4. facebook.com/aree.kasemsuwan From Thailand
5. facebook.com/John-hoop From Canada
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40. facebook.com/ole.udsholt From Denmark
41. facebook.com/williams From Australia
42. facebook.com/kathleen.ho From Taiwan
43. facebook.com/lee.c.khoon From Malaysia
44. facebook.com/june.toh From Malaysia

Our clients' Reviews Vietnam Tours Hanoi to Saigon

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    They requested us to book Ninh Hong mountain view hotel and they were disappointed with it. They said the condition for them to book their holiday with us is Ninh Hong hotel in Sapa

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Our Marketing Target - Word Of Mouth

We still keep our most important marketing method - Word Of Mouth after the phone by Mr. Kevin Miller from the Organizing Committee of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 - London, UK. He informed us that This year Deluxe Vietnam Tours has met the selection criteria becoming one of the few travel companies nominated to an award in the category Luxury Travel Company of Vietnam, but we decided not to join this event. Following is the email which he sent us:

From: Luxury Lifestyle Awards - manager12@luxuryawards.com
Date: October 5, 2015 at 2:16:32 PM GMT+7
To: "info@deluxevietnamtours.com" - info@deluxevietnamtours.com
Subject: Nomination Luxury Travel Company of Vietnam

Please confirm the receipt of this email.

Dear Mr. Tommy ,

Further to my recent phone conversation with you please find attached a presentation for the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Asia, which is to be held at Fairmont Hotel Singapore on February 25, 2016.

This year Deluxe Vietnam Tours has met the selection criteria becoming one of the few travel companies nominated to an award in the category Luxury Travel Company of Vietnam and on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards I am pleased to invite you to become a part of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Asia.

The 9th annual Awards Gala Ceremony will gather companies and brands from 10 countries of Asia region under various categories of luxury business: luxury hotel, restaurant, spa&wellness, real estate, travel company, jewelry brand, interior design studio, national brand and others.

The Winners will be announced at the luxurious Gala Ceremony at the Fairmont Hotel Singapore on the 25th of January and will be granted with the handcrafted Golden Crown designed by Faraone Mennella as well as with the wide recognition and awareness including the video interview and photo report, publications and media promotion for the next 12 months.

For more information about Luxury Lifestyle Awards, nominees, voting procedure & jury board, benefits of participation, marketing activities and media partners please visit our official website http://luxurylifestyleawards.com/ or http://luxurylifestyleawards.com/asia/

1) Choose a Nominee’s Participation Package (page 10 of the attached presentation file)
2) Complete an online registration form
3) Provide 5-7 photos of your company, description article and digital logo for the creation of your company’s profile on the awards website and inclusion into the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Guide
4) Settle a registration fee (bank transfer/online payment)

Due to the limited number of places in the category (maximum 5 nominees can be presented in one category) we ask you to submit the registration form by the 14th of October.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
Kevin Miller | Organizing Committee of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015
London, UK | +44 207 048 77 43 (ext.972)