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Hanoi - The past Ha Noi is located on the big land formed by the Red River or in other words, the Red River gave the birth to Ha Noi. According to the geographers, Ha Noi is the bottom of the Red River and with the change of the current, Ha Noi was formed, helping to create many natural lakes here.

According to the historians, Hanoi has a consitant history of 4000 years since Hung Vuong time(around 1700 BC). However, for me, what can make me to believe is the Co Loa citidal built in 3rd century BC. Nowadays, we can visit a part of this citidal after 45minute drive from Hanoi city centre.

Hanoi's historical struggle

According to the legends, the leader Hanoi at that time - King An Duong Vuong lost the fightings and the country under Trieu Da, a Chinese king. Trieu Da's son, Trong Thuy got married to My Chau, the princess of the king - An Duong Vuong. It is said he was the first a Chinese spy in Vietnam. This marked the 1st time Vietnam under Chinese domination in 179 BC.

The 1st Struggle: Talking about the wars, people usually think this matter is for the men. However, it is not always true in Vietnam. It has been proved many times. It came the first time in the year 40 AD. This is the 1st struggle of Vietnamese people against the Chinese and the leaders of this struggle were 2 ladies - Ha Ba Trung. They led Vietnamese to fight Chinese and won the victory in the year 40 AD and became the kings. Unluckily, it did not last long. They failed to keep the independence for the country in 43 AD because Chinese sent a big number of troops to Vietnam. The chinese troops was even double bigger than the number of the whole Vietnamese. The two ladies jumped into Hat river and died. Later, Vietnamese people built a temple to worship them there.

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