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What kinds of food during Halong bay tours?

When dealing with clients on booking Halong bay tours, we have ever had the same question for many times: What kinds of food will we have during our Halong bay holiday? Following is the answer to this question and we hope it is useful for travelers visiting our website

An example of food for 2day Halong holiday

First lunch on Halong bay cruise

Dinner lunch on Halong bay cruise

Bunch on Halong bay cruise

These above menus are prepared and cooked for a 2day/1night trip in Halong bay. The quality and quantity of meals are very different from one cruise to another. Some cruises are listed as top 5star cruises in Halong bay and the prices are so expensive, but their food is just ok and not as excellent as some of 4star cruises. As you can see the the menus, most of the dishes are related to seafood from the bay. Halong bay is so famous to tourists as one of the 7 New Natural Wonders in the World. However, for Vietnamese, Ha Long bay also play an important key in seafood sector of the country. There are so many kinds of seafood here, but the main ones to be used and cooked on the boats for travellers on Halong bay holidays are prawns, fish, clam, snails, squid, crabs

Prawns from the bay
Prawns are just caught from Ha Long bay and it takes very short time to be cooked. So it is very fresh. The prawns are used to make dishes as mango salad with prawns, pineapple salad with prawns, cucumber salad with Halong prawns.... The prawns are also steamed. Before getting steamed, prawns are mixed with a little of salt and lemongrass for about 15minutes. On some cruises, the prawns are steamed in beer. Lemongrass and beer will remove the fishery smells and on tasting it, you will only find the natural taste of the prawns. Another way to process the prawns is frying, on some junks, the chefs fry prawns with wheat. Sometimes, prawns are grounded and mixed with other things to make seafood spring rolls. shrimp is somtimes stir-fried with oinion and mushroom.

Fish from the bay
Fish are very popular in Viet Nam and Ha Long bay, but foreign tourists is not used to eat fish with bones as Vietnamese locals do. Therefore, only certain kinds of fish are cooked during your Ha Long bay tour. Fish is used to cook

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