Halong bay weather reviews

Halong bay weather

Located in the tropical coastal climate zone, Halong Bay has 2 main seasons:

+ April to September, it is hot and humid from 25 - 35 Celsius degree. The hottest month is June with about 38.5 Celsius dedree. The heat is reduced thanks to its location amid the mountains, grottos and the cool breeze. It sometimes rains(often rains for 1 or 2 hours and stops). The rainfall from May to August takes 80-85% of the total rainfall in a year.

+ October to March, it is cool with some chilly wind. the average temperature is 13.7 Celsius degree and the lowest could be 5 Celsius degree. January could be a little hard for some to discover Halong bay when the weather can be biting cold. January and Febuary is sometimes foggy. Ms. Halong is always stunning and charming in any weather conditions.

Halong city is one of the most humid ones in Vietnam from a minimum of 68% to a maximum of 90% in a year. The average wind speed is 2.8m/s, and the strongest wind speed reaches 45m/s in Southwest monsoon. Luckily, Halong is not much affected by heavy storms. The strongest storm in Halong bay is at level 9 and 10.

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